About us ..

Body Boutique welcomes and trains clients of all ages and fitness levels.

We take our client’s goals seriously and have a passion to see people improve their health through increased strength, fitness and healthy nutrition. 

Our aim is to assist our clients to reach their fitness potential through our wealth of experience and knowledge of Physique Conditioning, ‘Clean Eating’ and Personal Training.

Whether it’s gentle exercise you require or you wish to take your physique to an elite competitive level, we have the knowledge and training facility to do this.

As a specialist Physique Conditioning studio we can also offer bodybuilding, bodysculpting, bikini & fitness model training and  competition preparation. 

We have a holistic approach to training and interacting with our clients where all appropriate aspects of a person’s well-being are taken into consideration in the delivery of our training Programmes and Consultations.


People who train at Body Boutique enjoy:

  • knowing and feeling like they and their goals are important and that we have the knowledge and expertise to help them achieve them
  • training in a private air-conditioned studio with state of the art equipment
  • training one on one with their trainer or participating in a two person session
  • having access to a variety of information about eating ‘clean and healthy’. Suggest food plans can be provided
  • having the convenience of purchasing a range of supplements which assist them in reaching their individual goals
  • having the opportunity to shoot for significant goals like competitive body building or fitness modelling. Why be ordinary if you really want to be extraordinary?


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