Be Prepared!!

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to compete in a physique, Bikini, Figure or fitness model competition is to be as prepared as possible for your event.  This not only increases your opportunity to be at your best on the day but to also enjoy the experience. Having competed 12 times myself and preparing many Body Boutique clients for physique, figure, bodybuilding, fitness (male and female) & bikini model competitions, I understand what it takes to be totally prepared! Do you have the discipline and desire to reach your physique potential?

This includes knowing:

  • how to train for your division
  • the specific nutrition that will give you the best outcome
  • how to pose and present yourself on stage
  • which competitions and/or federations you will be most suited for


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Sponsored Athletes

2012: Simon Giacomotto, Levaopolo Bruce Lauano, Camille Leonard, Benjamin Rees

2013: Levaopolo Bruce Lauano, Jade McKee

2014: Simon Giacomotto, Levaopolo Bruce Lauano, Jade McKee

2015: Jade McKee, Pru Tyler