Megan Axelsen

Hi my name is Megan and my journey as a figure competitor began this year and I competed in my first comp in September.  Before taking up the sport of body building/sculpting I had been doing basic weight training for about 3 years, but found my training became a lot more focused after deciding to aim for a figure competition.


While getting up on stage for the competition was thrilling, I feel my ultimate achievement has been the resultant change in my lifestyle and eating habits that occurred as a consequence of the competition prep: – I now have a more healthy relationship with food, exercise and my body. My journey has been from that of a sufferer of an eating disorder to a healthy figure competitor.


Undergoing this change has motivated me to want to help others achieve similar changes.  As such, I will soon be starting as a Personal Trainer with Body Boutique Personalised Training with the dream of helping others to work towards their dreams, whether those are to prepare for a competition or to engage in a healthier way of life.

My qualifications include:

  • Cert lll & IV Fitness
  • Certificate of Wellness Coaching
  • Certificate of Nutrition
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • Figure Competitor

If you’d like to read my story of recovery from an eating disorder please click here.